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Rockwell Falls Presbyterian
Church is a worshipping community that intends to continue making a difference in our neighborhoods and our world. Our goal is to serve God, our neighbors and each other by the worship and praise of God, by creatively helping to meet the needs we see and by being a welcoming place for all. Come and visit us; meet your family here, and make a difference too!
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You are always invited to visit us. Haven't come before? No problem! Just come, and you'll be welcomed!
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This Week's Scripture

and Sermon


Scripture Reading 

        James 5:13-16

        1 John 1:5-10


    “The Lord is My <Our> Table”


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The theme of the service this Sunday involves learning how to be a table.  What?  It’s a continuation of last week’s theme that “The Lord is My <Our> Shepherd.”  I suggested then that it might be helpful for us to see God’s actions through the ordinary things around us (just as David, the Shepherd, saw God’s care through the lens of shepherding).  We use tables for lots of things.  Maybe we could see that “The Lord is My Table” and that we can be “tables” for each other, too.  God offers us a safe place (his heart) where we can empty out the junk of our lives (think of what you carry around in your pockets or purse and apply that idea to what we carry around inside our hearts). Then we can sort through it and save or throw out as appropriate.  When we offer such a safe place to each other by accepting accept each other...