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Rockwell Falls Presbyterian
Church is a worshipping community that intends to continue making a difference in our neighborhoods and our world. Our goal is to serve God, our neighbors and each other by the worship and praise of God, by creatively helping to meet the needs we see and by being a welcoming place for all. Come and visit us; meet your family here, and make a difference too!
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7 Bridge Street
Lake Luzerne, NY
"The Stone Church
near the Falls"
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You are always invited to visit us. Haven't come before? No problem! Just come, and you'll be welcomed!
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Christ is the Lord of Life!  Come Celebrate our Risen Christ every Sunday!



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This Week's Scripture

and Sermon


Scripture Reading 

        Deuteronomy 26:1-11  

        2 Corinthians 8:1-15


    “All for Jesus”


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Jesus told some people to give all that they had away to others and to come and follow him.  He praised one woman for giving more than anyone else because she gave all she had to live on.  Others he praised when they gave only a part of what they owned to others.  So, we know we can please Jesus by giving away every penny we have and then following him, and we can please him by giving away part of what we have and following him (and we can do both at differing times in our lives).  One person pleased him even when he could give nothing to Jesus and followed him even when he couldn’t (can you figure out who that was?)  So how do we please Jesus?  By being perfect?  Good luck with that!  It would be much more convenient for us ...
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