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Randy has been playing a multitude of different musical instruments all of his life.  He’s been the organist of our church for a – long – time, first in the late 60’s for a few years.  He then joined the Air Force for a few years during which time we somehow managed to get along without him.  After serving in the Air Force he traveled with a number of different bands around the country.  The larger world of Country Music has recognized his contributions.  The Northeast Country Music Association voted him the Instrumentalist of the Year six years in a row.  He has been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in Canton, NY, as one of the Pioneers of Country Music.  If you go there you can see him and his record written up!  When he finally came back home (around 1990), he became our music director: playing the organ (and a multitude of other instruments), leading the choir, in all, helping us worship the Lord.


Randy lives out his faith (he says that he “tries”) through music, and he uses his music to draw others to Christ.  We’re proud of him and thank him for letting God use him among us!