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Michael grew up in a small town that had about 250 people living in it.  Before he came to RFPC people would ask him if he would be able to manage in such a small community as Hadley-Luzerne with its population of about 7,000.  He said, “Small Community? Ha!  This is almost a city!”

Small community or not, he has found us to have a welcoming attitude and an expansive outlook. “This is home for me,” he says with a smile.

He and his wife Susan settled here ten years ago, and though their son and daughter live far away, they love being here.  They bought a house and made it their home.

Michael has been a pastor for 31 years. RFPC is the fourth church that he’s served in that time.  He loves the church because it is home for all sorts of people: young and old, men and women, rich and poor.  “The source of our unity,” he says, “is in Jesus Christ our Savior.  We all can learn from each other, serve each other, encourage and challenge each other as we reach out into the world for God.”

He loves to worship God with the people of God and considers it a great privilege to preach each Sunday.  He gets excited about leading Bible studies.  “There is so much to learn from God’s Word,” he says.  He enjoys cooking, especially making home-made bread (he has made a loaf of bread for every family coming to Christmas Eve services for the past 31 years), reading (books about faith, science, history, SciFi and just about anything else), and spending time with his family.